Maipú and some horrid luck by way of bodegas

Horses for courses pun
Rather than looking at Maipú, let’s look at horses again!

Sometimes adventuring doesn’t work out as well as one might hope. This was the case in Maipú. Effie, George and myself decided to go for the cycling option of touring the region over an organised car trip. It’s a bit too industrial for that these days I’ve observed – I don’t see the biking industry lasting unless they add bicycle lanes 😦

Effie and George had adventures of their own (But at least got a beer!) I however went for the 30 km trip to my favourite wine’s home; Aberdeen Angus malbec by Finca Flichman. Sadly my ambition was bested by the sun, the gradient and not setting out early enough. A real shame as I love that wine with a passion and wanted a spiritual retreat to thank the makers personally.

Still; adventure, friendship and another fine day in Argentina. Horses again because it was either that or silly puns about My Poo being bad which I felt would be disrespectful just because my eyes are bigger than my belly.


Hi ho Silver – Away!

Actually on the Andes!
Horse riding (Gaucho style) in Mendoza

Effie, George and myself made our way to ‘The Gaucho Experience‘ for some sunset trekking on the Andes. I even got to gallop (Exhilarating!!!!). There was a lovely asado afterwards and we got speaking to people from all over the world including many porteños . We met a happy family with a mother who supported Boca, a father who supported River and their son who was torn to supporting both.

Mendoza is a very fulfilling city, the pace and rhythm is completely different from anywhere I’ve been and the locals have been very helpful with everything. If you visit Argentina you must visit here to catch the laid back, but effective, approach to living.

Clickroll – Microsoft new Surface Movement video

Microsoft are apparently hiring a PR firm with a little more humour this time round as the have a noticeable Rick Astley tune famous on the Internet for rickrolling (Where you expect a page to load from a hyperlink only to hear “Never Gonna Give You Up” instead)

The new tablets they have are being advertised as the Surface Movement and whilst better than their usual offerings doesn’t have technical specifications out yet which puts me on the back foot (Along with Windows 8).

Ana Maria and Derek’s 25 wedding anniversary

It’s not often that someone asks you to bear witness to an affirmation of their love. It’s even more of an honour when the event is a celebration of 25 years of marriage. When Derek and Ana Maria Pringle asked us to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary we jumped at the chance.

I’ll gloss over the priest/vicar dude reiterating in as many ways as he could that love can only exist between people of different genders and move onto the fun part which took place in the theatre afterwards.

The hall was dressed to the nines and Simon, Kris and Mika played some really elegant jazz affairs, she’s quite the moody crooner and really elevated the atmosphere. I was starving and there was lots of finger food but it was difficult to eat lots without standing out. Fortunately I found out that there was going to be a proper sit down dinner and so took Effie to the dance floor and started the party’s swinging extravaganza. Within seconds lots of people were dancing and before too long there was a real buzz in the air.

We were seated with people we knew and so didn’t do much by way of introductions with the notable exception of Christian and Sebastian. Both really nice guys who have a deep intellectual worldliness about them. Derek did the rounds at the differing tables and we got him to do a ‘garage face’ photo.  He later gave a lovely speech which pulled at heartstrings and documented his devotion to Ana Maria and his family. Oddly his brother was there too – that’s some amazing stuff to occur to a man of his years. You wouldn’t believe it if it was a fiction. Then the evening lit up again with lots of dancing, I hadn’t had a work out like that since Scotland. Sufficiently pickled and satiated Effie and I headed home were we sleep deeply. Happy daze.

Bumped into the travelling school

Really cool thing happened at Founder’s day. Really cool thing. Prior to taking the job at St George’s Effie was considering a position with THINKglobal school as it seems about as cutting edge, international and idealistic as can be found in today’s world. The relative newness and fact that it would mean going back to Thailand so soon put her off applying but the concept of the school has always appealed to her. Well, guess who we met at Founder’s day? Only Joanne McPike the founder of THINKglobal and Alun Cooper the head of school for her. Chin-wagging with them was great.  Apparently getting visas for Argentina was even more difficult that it was for Thailand. They’re off to Boston for the next term of their year and they really believe in the concept of global citizenship and engaging with as many cultures as possible for their students.

It will be interesting seeing how their students progress with their travelling troupe of teachers in tow. Whilst the immersion required to dedicate yourself to their program is admirable, conducting regular science experiments must be problematic. Between Thailand and Argentina Effie’s found all sorts of issues stocking up her laboratories  – I can’t imagine constantly looking up suppliers in advance. They must have one kick-ass administration team.

Computer didn’t make it to the house

In a sorry state of affairs someone has procured my compy through pilferage between ports. Custom rig it was 😦

The school’s been great about it though and have all hands on deck trying to get a replacement sorted out. Prices are a bit skew-wiff here, looks like I should have taken that into account local prices to replace it when valuing it back in Scotland.

All’s good though, have all my files backed up on an external drive and was careful to eraser all personal information as a precaution.

I loved that thing!!

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