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I endorse Argentina for la copa del mundial 2014

Tough match!
My first football top. Argentina vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina

I’m not much of a football fan. Went to a Catholic school and so support Celtic (A little) but besides that I’m Scottish and the best we get at football is having a song called ‘Don’t come home too soon’ as a tribute. Thankfully though I’ve spent three years in Argentina and feel as if I’ve earned the respect of the local community to don the top and support a team with a chance of winning.

I won’t bore you with a commentary of the match, needless to say I was ecstatic with a 2-1 win but the people here have more depth to their enjoyment of football than I’ve yet to understand. Contemplative faces all round by the end of the match and concern was abound in Quilmes.  Let’s see how this one progresses.


A celebration of Scottish culture, porteño style

Odd seeing Scotland from another point of view
Tartan Day in Buenos Aires!

I’ve never thought about it before but it’s weird seeing your culture be portrayed by generations later from it’s emigrants. The people of Scottish descent in Capital were very respectful of their heritage and made sure all of Scotland, from the Shetlands to the lowlands were represented and celebrated (We even had Roman and English invaders present). Effie met with distant cousins who share her name and I even got a nip out of it!

I don’t think Utilikilts will be making a breakout any time soon in Argentina and their céilidh moves are a little too tame for my tastes but it’s safe to say that Alba is well remembered in Argentina and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

It’s official! – I’m off the market ladies!

Marriage in Beung Khan, Issan
Effie and I take our vows

The oddest (And best) thing happened from my working with the grassroots community in Northern Thailand. By way of thanking me they’ve decided to wed me to Effie in the traditional style of Thai locals. We’re both touched enormously. I’ll have to get around to a proposal at some point in the future but for now that’s us – wed!

I could gush on about how much this means to me but anyone who knows me will know this is better than my wildest dreams for a wedding. We’ll need to sort the paperwork out back in Blighty but, for now, we couldn’t be happier 🙂

Best day of my life!
Some of the officials, guests and friends which made this ceremony possible.