My first glacier not from an aeroplane!

Chillin' with the stillin'
Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia is a sight to behold!

Sometimes having a biologist wife is a pain in the neck. Getting up to watch a sunrise over a volcano during a national holiday in Indonesia springs to mind! Other times it’s a blessing to have the opportunity to share in something as magical as Patagonia with someone so  considerate about life, diversity and enjoying both equally.

There’s not much to do in El Calafate, but what there is to do is actually awesome! Having got to the airport with 6 hours to spare I hunted down a burger van I read about on Wikitravel (Not there!) Took off hungry and tired and thought to myself this is a poor start to this adventure. As soon as we landed in El Calafate everything changed, the serene nature of the place grabs hold and Argentina becomes, yet again, another country.

The young (Yes, I’m saying that now about people a few years younger than me) flock to Patagonia during peak season to work in the various hostels, hotels and tourist industries and we were met by a girl from Quilmes at our hostel. The world may be a grand size but no matter where you go it always seems much smaller through coincidences like this.

Next up; El Chaltén!


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