Maipú and some horrid luck by way of bodegas

Horses for courses pun
Rather than looking at Maipú, let’s look at horses again!

Sometimes adventuring doesn’t work out as well as one might hope. This was the case in Maipú. Effie, George and myself decided to go for the cycling option of touring the region over an organised car trip. It’s a bit too industrial for that these days I’ve observed – I don’t see the biking industry lasting unless they add bicycle lanes 😦

Effie and George had adventures of their own (But at least got a beer!) I however went for the 30 km trip to my favourite wine’s home; Aberdeen Angus malbec by Finca Flichman. Sadly my ambition was bested by the sun, the gradient and not setting out early enough. A real shame as I love that wine with a passion and wanted a spiritual retreat to thank the makers personally.

Still; adventure, friendship and another fine day in Argentina. Horses again because it was either that or silly puns about My Poo being bad which I felt would be disrespectful just because my eyes are bigger than my belly.


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