Ana Maria and Derek’s 25 wedding anniversary

It’s not often that someone asks you to bear witness to an affirmation of their love. It’s even more of an honour when the event is a celebration of 25 years of marriage. When Derek and Ana Maria Pringle asked us to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary we jumped at the chance.

I’ll gloss over the priest/vicar dude reiterating in as many ways as he could that love can only exist between people of different genders and move onto the fun part which took place in the theatre afterwards.

The hall was dressed to the nines and Simon, Kris and Mika played some really elegant jazz affairs, she’s quite the moody crooner and really elevated the atmosphere. I was starving and there was lots of finger food but it was difficult to eat lots without standing out. Fortunately I found out that there was going to be a proper sit down dinner and so took Effie to the dance floor and started the party’s swinging extravaganza. Within seconds lots of people were dancing and before too long there was a real buzz in the air.

We were seated with people we knew and so didn’t do much by way of introductions with the notable exception of Christian and Sebastian. Both really nice guys who have a deep intellectual worldliness about them. Derek did the rounds at the differing tables and we got him to do a ‘garage face’ photo.  He later gave a lovely speech which pulled at heartstrings and documented his devotion to Ana Maria and his family. Oddly his brother was there too – that’s some amazing stuff to occur to a man of his years. You wouldn’t believe it if it was a fiction. Then the evening lit up again with lots of dancing, I hadn’t had a work out like that since Scotland. Sufficiently pickled and satiated Effie and I headed home were we sleep deeply. Happy daze.


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