Bumped into the travelling school

Really cool thing happened at Founder’s day. Really cool thing. Prior to taking the job at St George’s Effie was considering a position with THINKglobal school as it seems about as cutting edge, international and idealistic as can be found in today’s world. The relative newness and fact that it would mean going back to Thailand so soon put her off applying but the concept of the school has always appealed to her. Well, guess who we met at Founder’s day? Only Joanne McPike the founder of THINKglobal and Alun Cooper the head of school for her. Chin-wagging with them was great.  Apparently getting visas for Argentina was even more difficult that it was for Thailand. They’re off to Boston for the next term of their year and they really believe in the concept of global citizenship and engaging with as many cultures as possible for their students.

It will be interesting seeing how their students progress with their travelling troupe of teachers in tow. Whilst the immersion required to dedicate yourself to their program is admirable, conducting regular science experiments must be problematic. Between Thailand and Argentina Effie’s found all sorts of issues stocking up her laboratories  – I can’t imagine constantly looking up suppliers in advance. They must have one kick-ass administration team.


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