TweetDeck you’ve sonar pinged me for the last time!!!

I’ve been hesitant to use Twitter personally as I find it’s a little like reading the Epic of Gilgamesh via short 140 character bursts. However regardless of my opinion upon it, it is very popular and if nothing else allows me to view trends in real time and is a key to logging into many sites without a tumultuous sign-up process, so I’ve hopped – very late- onto the bandwagon and have played around with it.

There are various ways to access your Twitter account which ‘enhance’ the experience, the most popular of which is TweetDeck which, very usefully, has a Google Chrome App which allows you to have it run in a background tab and notifies you audibly when a ‘tweet’ with your handle on it is posted up. My main gripe, and it was a big one, was that the notification noise was awful and couldn’t be changed from the default via an easy inbuilt system, any attempt to change it was walled off and would stop any notification sound (It’s 2012 guys, progress please not digress by design).

Having veered away and tried the plentiful alternatives I came back to Tweetdeck resolved that I like how it works with the one, very pertinent, exception of how I am notified by it.

Prologue over here’s how you change the sound for the TweetDeck Chrome App (On Windows, I assume altering paths will work for its other platforms/versions).

Firstly within ‘Control Panel’ set the option to show hidden files and folders.
Making hidden folders visible
Got this far?
Now backup the current annoying sound in case you want to go back to it. The file ‘tweet.mp3’ is found here:

C:\Users\*Your Windows Account*\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\*Large selection of random jumbled letters *\1.1.3_0\web\assets\sounds

 Replacing *Your Windows Account* and *Large selection of random jumbled letters* with your account name and…depending upon how many extensions you have it might just be easier to use ‘Search’ once you are in the extensions folder for the file ‘tweet.mp3’
This is roughly where your file is located
Get as far as extensions and then search for 'tweet.mp3'
Having backed it up to a safe location, Let’s overwrite  the original with one I prepared earlier.
You have now traded off the default TweetDeck sound for the one I supplied – simple!


Why don’t break tags work on Is it part of a WordPress plot, a ploy to start a war?

Perhaps just writing in white and hoping no-one notices might be easier….That invisible.gif I put up had awful hardcoded borders in it….

Maybe they just want me to upgrade to ‘Pro’ but it’s much cheaper to host my own…

Is this enough space yet for the effect to kick in?

Might just give it a couple more.

Two more

One more

Zero more??

Right, that should be enough!

Hey wait just a moment there Mister…

Wait, what’s that? You don’t just want my walled off version of the notification sound either? You want your own?? You want your TweetDeck experience to be personalised to your own ends???

Well, it is 2012 I suppose…

In order to craft your own notification sound you will have to do some jiggery-pokery which is incredibly simple yet needlessly obtuse to achieve. Firstly download and install Mp3tag and fire it up. Take that original back-up from earlier and run it with Mp3tag – now right click and look at the ‘Extended Tags’

DRM in my TweetDeck App? - it's more likely than you think
Why are all those tags there?

Seems like rather a large amount of data there which unless mimicked prevents the App from playing your sound. Close the ‘Extended Tags’ dialogue and right-click and ‘Tag Copy’ the tags from the file. Bring your own file in and ‘Tag Paste’ them into it

Pasting the ID3 tags over onto your file
We now have perfectly mimicked ID3 tags

Save and rename your file ‘tweet.mp3’ and place it into the address you pasted mine into earlier. Give it a try in TweetDeck.

You now have your own customised notification sound for TweetDeck.

Picard plays us off


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