Updating Media in the Eastern Seaboard since…one month ago

One month in and whilst Thailand is lovely with very sabai-sabai people and astonishingly brilliant food it is a little slow for me and I stand out because of it. I’ve just returned from a meeting with the owner of the Pattaya Mail Media group, the editor of Pattaya Mail newspaper and the top man of PMTV. Whilst the meeting went well my presentation (available here) seemed a little full for their level of understanding. It was rather like being John Simm’s character from ‘Life on Mars’ talking to his 70’s colleagues and trying to explain the inevitability of the internet without not sounding like Agent Smith from ‘The Matrix’ discussing Neo’s death-by-train.

I picked a couple of packages for them to use as open source initially didn’t sit well with their brains, or at least that’s what I took from our conversation over the phone. I showcased Ezy creator. ProsePoint (A system set up by a journalist on the back of Drupal) and StudioPress which utilises WordPress.

Me mentioning that all large newspaper corporations use CMS systems and that some even admit to using Open Source and developing it internally had jaws dropping. I did get to showcase The Onion though as an example and whilst incredibly immature of me it did send the message home.

Now that someone has taught them the benefits of properly handling their content they’ll find an alternative and cheaper developer than I to do so, pretty old school guys and no love lost between us over that. I get to lay claim to the revamp of the largest publisher of English language media in the Eastern Seaboard’s website.

Job done (With Joomla this time I’m thinking)!

You might get a feeling of what I mean by old school chaps from this little video of the owner:

I like to feel young, but around here it’s far more than a feeling!


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