There’s snow business like snow business…

It's snow good making puns up!
Chillin’ with the stillin’ snowman sculpture I crafted

Well, stuck in Londinium due to a light dusting of crystallised water. I don’t have any classes tomorrow so that’s something but I missed some today because down here they don’t know what to do when Winter comes. I’ve emailed my students and so all is not lost but for all it takes to know that once the Thames froze over!

It’s going well at Effie’s end. She’s been offered two jobs and they both seem like nice places. I’m happy she didn’t do the fares, seems like a bunch of NQTs fresh off the boat, nothing against them but Eff’s put in a number of years sculpting her craft and it’s odd to think of them as ‘competition’ when they’ve little to no experience in my books. Isn’t International education meant to be an accolade?

Time will tell I’m sure 🙂


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